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About EZ Bottle Dry

Our Story

The product came to us just after I finished feeding our second child.  Now it was time to clean his bottles as well as my older son's sippy cups.  With all of the nipples, caps, tubes, bottles and cups I had 50% of my counter space in my kitchen covered with drying rack systems and imitation grass squares.  Every night it was an inconvenience and took up a lot of counter space.  There had to be a better system to store and dry baby bottles, without placing them in the dishwasher every night and without using up vital counter space.  We decided to build a design that would secure the cups underneath the cabinet, and free up our limited counter space.   

Our Product, EZ Bottle Dry and Store, is a Patent Pending design that will revolutionize how parents dry and store their children's baby bottle and sippy cups.  Currently available on the market, all of the drying devices either sit on the counter top or the kitchen sink.  Our system does not utilize either of these areas, removing the clutter from the counter tops.   Parents will no longer have to continually relocate their current drying rack systems to clean or prep food.  EZ Bottle Dry and Store can be quickly attached underneath the upper cabinet. This currently unused space becomes a new location to store all of the bottle, sippy cups, nipples and accessories.  This is a Pod based system that allows the user to custom fit and combine pods to each users needs. 

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