Image by Roman Kraft
Image by Roman Kraft

Image by Roman Kraft
Image by Roman Kraft



New Bottle Rack Design!! 

February, 2020

After attending the Invention Connection portion of the ABC kids show in Las Vegas, We have decided to refine our design for the EZ Bottle Rack .   We received great feedback for your product, and how well it functioned and its versatility to dry and store multiple baby and toddler components.   While we had great praise for the functionality of our system, people wanted the aesthetics of the rack to be a little more sleek/modern.   So we have gone back to the drawing board and will come up with a modern version of our rack system.   We will keep you posted on the progression of the new version, in the meantime if you have any questions please feel to contact us. 


EZBottle RenderOverall v3.png
EZBottle RenderFrontBottom4b.png
EZBottle RenderCloseup4.png

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