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EZ Bottle Dry - FAQ's

  • How easy is it to remove for cleaning?
    The rack system can be removed within a minute. You can either remove the entire wire frame and silicone rack, by slightly twisting and pulling out of the snap-fit footpads. Or you can pull the silicone membrane off the rack. The silicone racks are top rack dishwasher safe.
  • Where does the water drip, there is not a drip pan under the rack system?
    A drip pan is not needed. Most of the water that collects in a typical drip pan comes from the water that drips off your hands as you transfer the bottle over to the rack. Once the cup or item is washed and rinsed, lightly shake over the sink to remove the large water left behind and place in the EZ Bottle rack. Once all the bottles and accessories are washed wipe down the countertop and the remain water will evaporate off the bottle.
  • Can this only be used for baby bottles?
    No, this rack system can grow as your kids grow. The EZ Bottle system will hold sippy cups to kids water bottles. Other Items it can hold are protein shaker bottles, and other plastic containers. It is not recommended to use for any glass objects.
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